Blowing The Lid Off The God-Box: Opening Up To A Limitless Faith

Who would have thought that a book centered in God's love could stir up so much hate? And yet it has. It began when the Portsmouth (NH) Herald ran an article about me and the book. You can read the article below and see why it prompted Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church to proclaim me as one of four infamous women perverting the Gospel across America. You can listen to that sermon below, although I must give it an R rating for profanity. Amazed at how a message of love was met with hate, Foster's Daily Democrat in Dover, NH ran an article about the firestorm. You can also read that below. And, of course, you can order the book and decide for yourself!

Portsmouth Herald Article 4/30/05

Sermon 5/1/05 (in Real Audio format)

Foster's Daily Democrat Article 5/9/05

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