SpiritWalkers is a 3-5 minute devotion, which you can receive via e-mail, podcast, or read online. I have phased out the text posting on this page and am now placing them in a new blog. To see the blog version with pictures and video, go to the new website I'm developing.

Click on any of the devotions below to listen to the podcast version or (for earlier posts) to read the text. If you would rather receive them automatically through itunes, click on the "Subscribe to podcast" line. If you would like to receive the devotions via e-mail, please click on the "Subscribe through e-mail" line.

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Bark! Bark! Economincs and Matthew 25 Get Out of the Way Zombie Jesus Terrible Texts The Cross and the Ground Zero Mosque The Forbidden Fruit Yucca Plants and the Human Soul Memory and Symbol Dominion? Circles Deep and Wide While It Was Still Dark The Princess Bible Led By the Spirit The Lessons of the Groundhog Keeping Watch The Man Who Forgave Debts When the Church Banned Christmas Keeping Faith Alive Trick or Treat On the Merits Urgent Candy Delivery Preaching the Gospel The Common Ones Honesty in Prayer God With Fur On Save the Frogs Supreme Court Considerations The Bible, A Lamp, and a GPS Invasive Species Naboth's Vineyard Why Good Friday Matters Crows and Songbirds Church in the Cross-hairs Undeserving Neighbors God with Skin On Snakes on a Pole Groundhog Day Decisions, Decisions Heroes The Hot Shower Two Wolves Bending Low Bailouts Fair and Balanced The Blazing Christ Blessings? A Special Calling Spreading the Wealth     Text

One Book, Many Voices     Text

Courage     Text

Facing Up     Text

Special Election Issue     Text

The Sounding Board     Text

On God and Weather     Text

Gone to Seed     Text

The Greatest Commandment     Text

Outside of Time     Text

Cut the Sodium     Text

Terning from Stress     Text

Piano Bar     Text

Like a Rock     Text

Graduation     Text

Riot Gear     Text

No Whining Zone     Text

Recalculating     Text

Freeing the Captives     Text

God and Caesar     Text

Guilty by Association     Text

A Matter of Justice     Text

Cool Cat     Text

Raining Cats and Dogs     Text

Going Postal     Text

Death in a Bottle     Text

Hoping in Horses     Text

On the Right Track     Text

Unplug the System     Text

A Dream of New Leaves     Text

Being There     Text

The Blue Screen of Death     Text

Poisonous Snakes     Text

Annoying Faith     Text

The Golden Compass     Text

Wait For It     Text

Season of the Crocus     Text

Brain Cramp     Text

The Storms of Life     Text

Haunting Courage     Text

Purely Mayflower     Text

If God Is Love: Book Review     Text

What Makes Me A Christian     Text

Going for a Smell     Text

Night Elf Druid     Text

Life With the Neighbors     Text

Hiatus     Text

Martha Stewart Bites     Text

A Boston Morning     Text

God and Harry Potter     Text

Personal Space     Text

The East Wind     Text

God Prefers Baseball     Text

Ann Coulter and Nebuchadnezzar     Text

Snakes in the Grass     Text

Restoration     Text

Spirit Possession     Text

Is It Working For You?     Text

All Together Now     Text

The Judgment of Jerry Falwell     Text

Wisdom on the Rails     Text

Honorable Mention     Text

Absolute Zero     Text

Camels and Needles     Text

Via Dolorosa     Text

Palm Sunday Walk     Text

No Place Like Home     Text

Sacred Difference     Text

Temptations Restaurant     Text

Make Us One     Text

King Solomon & Anna Nicole Smith     Text

Whose Covenant is it Anyway?     Text

Ranting for the Common Good     Text

Master Designer     Text

On Wine and Hermit Crabs     Text

The Voice of the Prophet     Text

Wired for God     Text

Will Saddam Go to Hell?     Text

The Kingdom of this World     Text

Weaning the Child     Text

A Plague of Locusts     Text

Grow Up!     Text

Furnace Walking     Text

True Religion and Straw Epistles     Text

Hunting Season     Text

Saddam's No Good, Horrible, Very Bad Day     Text

Ezekiel's Weird Wheels     Text

Divine Economics     Text

Bloom Where You Are Planted     Text

The Sins of a Nation     Text

Optimist or Realist?     Text

Fear Tactics     Text

On Women Pastors     Text

Hurry Up and Wait!     Text

All is Vanity     Text

The Invisible Bridge     Text

Can I Trust God?     Text

Everything Is Permissible     Text

There's No Place Like Home     Text

Better Late Than Never     Text

The Freedom of Ineptitude     Text

Ancestors     Text

Creation Gospel     Text

Personality Types     Text

Evil Spirits 1 - Sons of Sceva 0     Text

Bath Time     Text

The Broom Tree     Text

Beggars and the Census     Text

Speaking In Tongues     Text

The God Inside     Text

Truth and The Da Vinci Code     Text

Can God's Promises Be Trusted?     Text

The Jawbone of an Ass     Text

Things That Go Bump In The Night     Text

Making Choices     Text

The Kingdom of God     Text

The Alien in Your Towns     Text

Remember the Sabbath     Text

Let Down Your Nets     Text

Talking Donkeys and Other Indignities     Text

So Near, And Yet So Far     Text

Loving Myself     Text

Clean and Unclean     Text

Incarnation and Tent Poles     Text

Groundhog Day     Text

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