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October, 2006

God's Top 10: Blowing The Lid Off The Commandments   Published by Moorehouse Publishing

November, 2005:

  “Where Is the Hope?” ZION'S HERALD, November/December, 2005 issue

April, 2005

Blowing The Lid Off The God-Box   Published by Moorehouse Publishing

July, 2004:

  “Acting Out” ZION'S HERALD, July/August, 2004 issue

April, 2004

  “Between Text And Sermon: John 11:1-53”  INTERPRETATION.  April,  2004 issue. 

September, 2003

  “On Second Thought”   ZION’S HERALD.  Sept./Oct.,  2003 issue.  

July, 2003

“The Offering”  ZION’S HERALD.  July/Aug.,  2003 issue.  

March, 2003

“The Living Christ”  ZION’S HERALD.  March/April,  2003 issue.  

August, 2002

“Pests, Predators, and Stewardship”  ZION’S HERALD.  July/Aug.,  2002 issue.  

February, 2002

“Towerof Love”  ZION’S HERALD.  Jan./Feb.,  2002 issue.

October, 2001 

 “What’s It All About?”  ZION’S HERALD. Sept./Oct.,  2002 issue. 

June, 2001

Two sermons published in Unfinished Business: Sermons by Ziegler Award Preachers,

Boston Wesleyan Press, 2001. Read review HERE.

July, 1990:

  “In the Gods We Trust” KITPLANES Magazine

November, 1985:

“There’s a Hobbit in My Wardrobe”  CHRISTIAN HERALD