Gladys & Abner

Puppet Resources

Almost all of my experience with puppets is within the church. I began doing puppet shows for children's messages during worship in the early 1980's. Gladys and Abner (named after the neighbor couple on the TV show "Bewitched") soon took on their own distinct personalities, and we were off and running. On the resources page you can find lots of Gladys and Abner scripts, designed for just two people with two simple puppets. Even if your skills at manipulating puppets are minimal, these scripts will carry the show and get the message across to children and adults alike.

There is a wealth of information on puppetry on the web. Below are some of the most comprehensive sites, and they can lead you to many others.

Center for Puppetry Arts
Puppeteers of America
Puppets For Ministry
Sagecraft Productions
Fellowship of Christian Puppeteers
One Way Street
Folkmanis Puppet Store

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