Blowing The Lid Off The God-Box



"I went from reading as the superior teacher to reading as an eager learner. She uses the central metaphor extremely well, and I think her vision is both liberating and healing."

Luke Timothy Johnson
Robert W. Woodruff Professor of
New Testament and Christian Origins
Candler School of Theology
Emory University

"In both her writing and preaching, Anne Robertson connects with readers and listeners through a transparent honesty and faithful re-casting of scriptural truths in straightforward contemporary language. As a result, her first book, Blowing the Lid Off the God Box, is a model of the balanced and integrative approach to spiritual maturity that she commends to others.

"In many ways, without a conscious attempt at being so, Ms. Robertson's book is a worthy successor to Your God Is Too Small, J. B. Phillips' devotional classic from a previous generation. Their similar thesis, namely, that the reality of God is always more expansive than our limited human experience of the divine, is always relevant and needful of fresh restatement for the benefit of both believers and skeptics.

"Although she doesn't use the term, Ms. Robertson is particularly adept at describing the "third alternative" characteristic of her Wesleyan theological heritage. In doing so, she steers a course for spiritual growth that avoids the pitfalls of religious extremism while appreciating the complementary gifts of both the theological Left and Right.

"Ms. Robertson's book is a welcome contribution at a time when some of the world's harshest conflicts seem stuck in uncompromising "either-or" ways of thinking and acting, often as a consequence of absolutizing or (to use Ms. Robertson's terms) "making an idol" or "God box" of one's particular view of God.

"At such a time, "blowing the lid off the God box," that is, becoming open to multiple experiences and expressions of God's presence, describes more than a step on the individual journey toward spiritual growth; its widespread implementation may be essential for human survival."

Stephen Swecker
Editor, Zion's Herald

"Richly landscaped with Biblical support, historical reference and personal perspective, The God Box makes clearer the complicated human-God interaction, asking us to let go of the box for a while, take the lid off, and discover how large a container one really would need to contain the love and caring available to all from God. Pick up The God Box and begin that wonderful discovery."

Ken Mitchell

"Everyone who would like to make this a better world to live in, should read this book. It is written with humor and easily understood. A wonderful lesson in tolerance, love , and understanding God. One realizes the if God were small enough to be understood he would not be big enough to be worshiped."

Peg Blackadar, RN

"Blowing The Lid Off the God-Box is a must read by everyone in today's world, no matter what the religion, no matter what the educational background, no matter what the reason. The author, with her sense of humor and art of storytelling, brings up some very interesting ideas about God and what we should or should not think of him/her, based on our religious beliefs. Most everyone will agree that today the world needs more religious tolerance, and this book explains the possibilities of that, depending on how you blow the lid off your "God-box." I came away with a sense of hope, of faith, of love, and an understanding that we are mere humans, trying to live in a world where we are still learning about God."

Elizabeth Stull

"One of the ongoing struggles for any Christian, as we experience our own spiritual growth, is how to reconcile the truths that we hold as central with the beliefs of others whose understanding and experience of God may be quite different from our own. In the metaphor of the God-box, Robertson shows us how to appreciate and be enriched by others' experience of God, while maintaining and enhancing our own understanding of God's nature.

Drawing on illustrations from her own life and from her experience as a pastor, Anne Robertson draws us into a deeper, more profound, more awe-inspiring vision of the richness of God. This is an important book for anyone seeking a deeper experience of God."

William H. McWilliams




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